Agile Software Development: Powerful guide to your projects

Agile-is a software development process that has been adopted by many companies and organizations. In fact, It’s existence is originally an alternative to the more traditional waterfall approach, which consists of extensive up-front requirements gathering, planning, and documentation.

UI and UX development: A powerful Guide ,what is the difference between UX and UI design?

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UI and UX or User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)  are the two most important aspects of any product. They make or break the product. UI and UX development is increasing in demand daily because every type of software now needs UI and UX development. User Interface design is the process of designing how users will interact with your app or website through visual elements like buttons and menus.

Different types of software that are important to know

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Software is a whole system of programs, procedures or algorithms, and other operational information that is synchronized with hardware to make a machine work. The driver software communicates by collecting input from the operating system (operating system) and instructing the hardware to perform an action or other designated action. System software is like an interface between hardware and user applications, it helps them communicate with each other because the hardware understands machine language (e.g. machine language)

Software Development: The Ultimate Guide You Need

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We are all surrounded by software. The number of computers users in 2008 throughout the world passes1 billion. In 2019 there were 5.11 billion mobile users in the world. That`s the reason the need for software development is increasing daily.